Event Management

At WSMG we work hard to maintain our social mission/commitment to ensuring organisations deliver on their aims and ambitions to increase sports participation. In addition to our own propriertary conferences we also transfer our experience in event management and associated services to offer our clients a range of options that help them move their organisations forward through both physical and digital engagement.

Digital Marketing

Why Sports Media Group recognise that the digital channel offers a cost-effective way for businesses to communicate with supporters and recipients of its services. Email marketing has become one of those aspects of online business which everyone thinks they can do all too easily, often falling at the first hurdle and becoming disillusioned with the process. We’re different and we have the experience and knowledge to make it work.

Brand Development

Whether you require a new brand for a product, service or company we will work closely with you to achieve the goal. It has got to be one of the best feelings, that of seeing a brand being born and growing across all media.
Our in house creative team specialise in graphic design, branding, digital, print and marketing.

Activating The Nation
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